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Six ways to secure your garage door

When homeowners consider the safety of their homes, they look at the doors, windows and entry gates, among others. Unfortunately, they do not consider the garage door. The garage door is the largest moving part of the home. It is also the weakest entry point to the house.

Now is the time to consider the safety of your garage door. Poorly installed garage doors are safety hazards. Most homeowners do not know when to get their doors checked by garage door professionals for vulnerabilities. They are also unaware of ways to secure their garage doors and their homes.

Here are six ways to secure your garage door and your home.

1. Change the garage door default code

Majority of homeowners do not bother to change the default code used by their garage door openers. This can leave the home vulnerable because the same technology that allows intruders to steal codes from mobile phones also allows them to pick up the code from your garage door remote control. Some garage door opener manufacturers provide the technology that changes the code every time the remote opener is used but if this is not available to you, simply changing the code on your remote opener makes it difficult for thieves to guess your codes.

2. Update keypad code for security

Some homes are equipped with keyless entry keypads. Homebuilders install these keypads next to the garage doors. If your home is equipped with this, reprogram the code so only you and close family members know the new code. You can also have the keyless entry keypad installed by a garage door specialist if you do not currently have one. It is convenient and allows you access to the garage without the remote.

3. Disengage garage door automatic feature when away from home

Most homeowners simply let down the automatic garage door when they leave on trips. This is a mistake. If you will not be home for a couple of days, disengage the garage doors’ automatic features by pulling the red cord attached to the pulley or chain. Let the door down and lock the garage door with a padlock or with the lock mechanism attached to the door. This stops intruders from using remotes to open the garage door. Unlock the door and re-engage the automatic feature when you return.

4. Always close your garage door

This may seem like a no-brainer but most homeowners forget to close their garage doors when they go to sleep or leave the house in the mornings. This is an invitation for intruders to come to your house. An intruder can enter your home through an open garage door in a few seconds. Homeowners often fail to close their garage doors because they think their home is safe because they are inside the house but burglars can easily enter the house through an open garage door.

5. Update automatic garage door opener

The garage door technology has evolved over the years. Depending on the age of your door opener, it may be time to upgrade. The new models of garage door openers make it harder for intruders to break in. Upgrading now can save you and your family a lot of headache later. New generation garage door openers are equipped with technologies designed to change the codes every time you use the remote. They are also able to filter out stray signals. This prevents accidental operation by neighbors or intruders. Upgrade your garage door opener if you need to, for safety.

6. Install garage door monitor

It is easy to forget to close your garage door at night, especially in the summer. The garage door monitor alerts you when your door stays open for a specified period. The monitor is an easy to operate, wireless device, placed on the garage door. It monitors door activities and the control box alerts you with a preset sound or flashing light when your door stays open for an extended period. The monitor can close your garage door after a set time. This ensures your door is always secure even when you do not hear the warning sound or notice the flashing light.

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